You finally came!!!

I almost waited an entire page to welcome you.

So, here it is..

Ok… Enough Dibble dabble.
Let’s have some serious and boring talk.

Hey pal, I'm Ritesh.

My experiment with blogging and marketing started when I was around 16.
I created a tech blog on Blogspot.

It was a complete and utter chaos

Man.. I had nightmares for 3 days straight. (Fooooo)

In fact, I was so embarrassed that I never told about this to my friends and family except my younger brother who caught me writing the blog.
(Damn you brother... How dare you ruin the best kept secret of my life.)

But it taught me many hard facts about the marketing world.
In fact, that failure piqued my interest in coding and marketing, and it took me less than a minute to decide what I wanted to do next.

From then to now, I came a long way and helped more than 20+ website to gain higher ranks and increase their sales.

Why I started the blog & What you should expect

I have seen many people starting their blog or business online and getting nowhere.
I genuinely wanted to help people like those succeed because I, myself was a failure once and I know the feeling.

This blog is an attempt to help people like those.
I have made this blog keeping the "noobie perspective" in mind.

I will share every idea, secret, product, strategies I know and each of these will be tried and tested by me and worked for me, and I think, will surely work for you too.

In short, let me do all the thinking and hard work, and you just relax and implement the plans, tips, strategies, hacks I give to you.

If you are still here, I ought to tell you that you are one hell of a patient man.

I respect you for that.

Vulcan Salute

Vulcan Salute to you.

And Thank You….
Seriously. Thank you for listening to me till now.
I really value your time and hope to form a relationship of mutual respect.