Hello world!

August 2


Whoa! I feel like Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.

A bit nervous, a bit excited, a bit afraid...

After all, It's my giant step to come face you all.

In an Internet crazy world, where 2 million blogs post are published every day and 5.5 billion Google searches made every day, It's only natural to feel lost.

Don't you agree?

Well, friends,  I have written a long post about me.

But hey, let me introduce my self again.

My name is Kumar Ritesh (Call me by Ritesh. I prefer it that way :P).

And I come from India.

I am in this niche for more than 4 years but I am still learning though.

I started this blog where I can log all my experiments and current happenings going on the market and share with you all.

This blog is also an attempt to help those who find themselves lost in this big world of marketing.

And yes, contact me if you need any help regarding blogs and Digital marketing. Seriously..
you can fill the contact form or just shoot me a message at ritz@clutterymarketer.com.

See you inside then.

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