Increase traffic from Quora: How you can gain traffic from Quora

October 2


I know it’s Frustrating.

Writing long and meaningful content but still not getting any traffic.

It’s just like speaking in an empty room.

But What if I tell you there is a surefire way to send your customer to your blog.

Yes, have you heard of Quora?

It’s an online platform where people come to ask varieties of questions and get meaningful replies from experts.
In fact, if you are lucky you can get replies from Barack Obama to Ashton Kutcher.

You know, Quora is short of Question or Answer.
Surprised! I was too; when I came to know this fact.

Quora, when used correctly, is a great traffic driver.


Why Quora

With over 100 million unique visits per month, Quora is already one of the most popular sites.
It has an Alexa rank of 122 in the world and 67 in the US.

You know, the best thing about Quora.

It’s highly targeted referral traffic, and that means low bounce rate.

In fact, according to Neil Patel, “referral traffic is friendly traffic.”

I will explain to you why?

When someone visits your website through other websites(referral traffic), It means that the person is curious, intrigued and impressed and probably wants to learn more.

There is a very high chance that they will become your lead and probably your loyal customer in the future.

With so many curious people in Quora, it’s no doubt that Quora delivers one of the best referral traffic.

Just see this Image of wishpond.
Quora delivers them second highest amount of traffic.


How to drive traffic through Quora?

Step 1: Join Quora

If you haven't joined Quora, now is the time.
Below I am guiding you step by step how to join Quora and complete your profile.

  • Go to You will be welcomed by a huge graphic.


    You have three options to join Quora. You can use Facebook, Google or your Email.
    To sign up with email, choose "Continue with Email".

  • After Signing Up, Quora will ask you about the topics you are interested in.

    Quora Interests

    Select all the topics you are interested in.
    It will help Quora to personalize your feed according to your selection.

  • Tell Quora what topics you know about.

    Quora your_Expertise

    I will recommend you to select the topic with the highest follower.

  • Once you have added the topics, It’s time to do the most important work- To complete your profile.

    Quora profile

    Many writers on Quora don't take time to write their profile.
    They fail to notice that how important their Profile is.

    In fact, It is the only thing that makes you stand out from other thousands of Quorans (yup! nice guess. It's slang for those who use Quora).

    Try to be as thorough as possible.

    Keep in mind that you want to build trust and authority.

    The most important part of Quora profile is its Bio.

    It is the headline that appears below your name.
    You have only 80 characters to express yourself, so use it wisely.

    One important rule of thumb when writing bio is that your bio should address Audience about your Qualification and credibility.

    It should clearly state that you are proficient in the topics you know about.

    See how Josh Fechter wrote his bio.

    Quora Profile_Bio

    Your Profile bio is important for one more reason.
    It will appear next to your name when you answer Questions in Quora.

    See how it appears near Josh Fechter name when he answers the Question.


  • Quora Credential and Highlight

    There is an option in Quora where you can add a Custom credential to override your Profile Bio.

    Creating a custom credential is optional but doing so will highlight your most suitable experiences for the topic you want.

    To add Credential, Head over to your profile.

    In the right side of your profile, you will get "Credential & Highlights".

    Quora Credential

    Click on Edit option beside it.

    A pop-up will appear, telling you to "Add credential". Click on it.

    Quora credential_2

    You can add credential up to 5 categories.
    Also, you can add credential for as many topics as you want.

    For example: You want to change Profile bio when you answer questions in blogging topic.

    To do that, you have to choose Topic when adding credential.

    Select "blogging" in topic, describe your experience and save it.

    Quora Topics

    Now, you have added your credential for different topics you like.

    Your selected credential will appear when you answer questions about that topic.

    See below, how my credential shows for blogging when I answer questions on this topic

    Quora same-credential

    Nevertheless, You can also change credential by clicking on "Edit Credential", below your name.

    As soon as you click on it, a pop-up will appear telling you to choose credential.


Step 2: Finding the suitable question

With over 6000 questions posted every day, it is important that you choose the correct question.
Remember, you want to click with the right kind of people.

For People using Quora, Upvotes and Views are their lifelines.

Upvotes are much like "LIKE" on Facebook. It shows how popular your answer is.
But there is also Downvote and comment.
You have probably guessed what Downvote is. Isn't it?

Now, there are more than one ways to find the suitable question.

Find the Questions with most views and Upvotes of your topic of interest.
I recommend, find questions with at least 1000 viewers.

After all, these will be the questions that will drive traffic to your website.

I am going to show you three ways to find the suitable Questions for your topic

  1. Find Questions from your Answer option, present in your top menu.

    These are the recently asked questions, Quora personalized for you according to your expertise.

    Quora Answers

    Since they all are the recent Questions, search for the questions with good views.

    Quora Question-to-follow_1

    Click on the Question to see it's Question Stats.

    See, how the Question has gained 498 views and is last followed 2 hours ago.
    Note: Last asked is a synonym for last followed in Quora.

    It means it's a good Question.

    Many people are interested in this.

    Search for these types of Questions as these types will drive traffic to your blog.

  2. Find Questions by searching your relevant topic.

    For example: I searched for Questions in Blogging topic.

    With that huge followers and Questions asked, I am sure that I will get good visibility if I answer some Questions here.

    Search for Questions which are recent or have greater than 1000 views.

    I know it's a tedious task, but there is no other way around and it's worth the effort.

    Remember, Sometime you will quickly find the Questions as it will be shown in your feed and Sometimes you have to scroll down and search for the Questions.

    Just be patient as there will always be some Questions you can find.

    See, how the first Question shown in my feed has greater than 1000 views.

    Quora Questions with 1000+ views

    You can also find the Questions by going in Answer option present in topic's menu bar.

    Quora topic_answers

    Here you will find the recent Questions asked or followed.
    Apply the same process of finding the Questions with more than 1000 views.

  3. One of the best ways to gain views and Upvotes is to answer Questions that's popular and trending.

    Let me show you how.

    For every topic, there is a TopicFAQ option in the menu bar.

    This will show the most popular questions currently being asked for that topic.Quora topicFAQQuora topicFAQ

    Quora topicFAQ

    Notice that the first Question has 596 answers. That's huge but nothing to be surprised of.
    You will find many Questions with more than 1000 answers.

    Now, let's see it's follower.

    Quora topicFAQ Questions follower

    That's 1000+ people.

    It means that as soon you will answer it, these 1000+ people will be notified of your answer.

    That's a free and huge mailing list at your disposal.

    Cool.  Isn't it.

    Now, for every Question you find, you can do two things.

    Either you answer it or save it for later.
    To save it for later, you can click the three dot icon and select "Answer later".

    Quora Answer_later

    I would recommend that you first save the good questions, research it and then come back later to answer it.

Step 3: Crafting the right Answer

Remember, your goal is not to drive traffic;

But to give value... Always...

There is no easy way to craft an amazing answer.

But there are some steps you can take to ensure that your answer is the best version.

  • Try to write the answer in a conversational tone. Use words like "you," "I."

  • Capture their pain points.

    Be it your article writing, copywriting or anything, this principle will always work.
    Because people are consistently facing one problem or other and Quora being a Q&A site, is a great place, where you can tell people how they can find the solutions by citing their Pain points.

  • Use images and stats wherever possible and link to them.

  • Everyone has their personal traits.
    Some are humorous, some are witty, some have a different perspective of approaching a problem.

    Use that. This personal touch makes the answer much more interesting to read.

  • Tell them a story.
    Stories are powerful.

    Researchers have found that, when listening or reading a story, the same parts of our brain gets activated, which would have been activated when experiencing the events of that story.

    You know what that means.
    It means that we partially live the story.

    See this story, where Adam tells how he helped Tarec to gain the stability, he needs in his life.

    Just see the Upvotes it received. Currently, at the time of writing this post, it is 90,000+ upvotes.

  • Be Natural.

    I have seen many people being a salesman.

    They only answer just for the sake of answering and then leaves a link to their website with sentences like this;
    "Check out this blog for more Awesome content."

    Don't be like this.

    Give them value and link only when your blog post or content aligns perfectly with the questions asked.

    Also, it's a good idea to link to other blogs.
    That way, you are conveying them that you are not trying to get traffic, but being helpful to them.

  • Don't afraid to go against the herd.

    Do you know about a study done by Solomon Asch, to determine the effects of Social pressure?
    The result was quite astonishing.

    He found that people chose the wrong answer only because a majority of others chose the wrong answer.
    Don't be a victim of social pressure.
    Speak your mind.

    Also, in quora, most answers are repetitive, and people get bored when they don't find anything new.
    So, when you answer using controversial tone, people read that.

Step 4: Don't tell all

It is not much of a step as it is a trick.

You must be wondering that,

"Ritesh, you told me to write a valuable and helpful answer. How to do, if I can't tell them all?"

Wait, let me explain to you.

I want you to provide valuable answers.

But then again, I also want you to use the power of Curiosity gap.

What is Curiosity gap?

Let me tell you with an example.

See the image below.



What will be your reaction?

Well,  I would have immediately clicked on the link to find out what happened next.

This is the power of curiosity gap.

According to CopyHackers, The curiosity gap is the space between what we know and what we want or even need to know.

How can you use it on Quora?

When answering, write a sentence that is relevant to the question, but also creates a curiosity gap

Create a curiosity gap and add your link to your answers by using sentences like this.

Quora_using curiosity gap

But Be careful before using it.

And remember, Be natural when using this.
Don't show yourself like you are promoting yourself.

And, use only when necessary and fits with your answers.



You know the best thing about Quora,

It's free and a goldmine of long-term traffic.
Even after months, your well-answered post can bring you a good amount of traffic.

But, You will be surprised to know how many marketers overlook it.
They use Facebook, Twitter, even StumbleUpon but not Quora.

Before ending this post, I will say one thing;

Remember, It is only helpful if you work hard enough to research and write good, helpful and valuable answers.
Don't Spam or be salesy in your approach.
Quora hates it.

You will only feel its power when you use it firsthand.

Consistency is the key in Quora.
Be consistent and valuable and see how Quora takes your brand and authority to new heights.

What are your thoughts about using Quora?

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