About US

Oooo.. You are finally here!!!
I was waiting eagerly for you.

Hey Fellas, I am Ritesh, and I am 22( What! )
My experiment with blogging and marketing started when I was around 16. I created a tech blog on Blogspot. It was a disaster, but it taught me many hard facts about the blogging world.
In fact, that disaster piqued my interest in digital marketing, and it took me less than a minute to decide what I wanted to do next.
From then to now, I came a long way and helped more than 20+ website to gain higher ranks and increase their sales.

Why I started the blog & What you should expect

I have seen many people starting their blog or business online and getting nowhere.
I genuinely wanted to help people like those succeed because I, myself was a failure once and I know the feeling.
This blog is an attempt to help people like those.

I have made this blog keeping the "noobie perspective" in mind.
I will share every idea, secret, product, strategies I know and each of these will be tried and tested by me and worked for me, and I think, will surely work for you too.

In short, let me do all the thinking and hard work, and you just relax and implement the plans, tips, strategies, hacks I give to you.