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Marketing psychology: 21 ways you can use it to gain new leads

Using Marketing Psychology

Let me tell you a story (I will rather show you).
Do you see, how easy it is to manipulate someone?
Psychology has been one of the most important aspects of marketing.
After all, every trick in the marketing is based on the human psychology.
And you know the most interesting part.
It literally works on everyone.
It is because of the similarities (99.9%) in their genetic makeup.
Companies like Apple, Dominos, Walmart are using psychology every time to manipulate you into buying different kinds of stuff.
So why should you be left behind?

  • October 22, 2018

Increase traffic from Quora: How you can gain traffic from Quora

Quora featured image

I know it’s Frustrating. Writing long and meaningful content but still not getting any traffic. It’s just like speaking in an empty room. But What if I tell you there is a surefire way to send your customer to your blog. Yes, have you heard of Quora? It’s an online platform where people come to ask varieties of questions and […]

  • October 2, 2018